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HemoCue® WBC & WBC DIFF Systems
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The HemoCue®WBC DIFF is the latest technological innovation from HemoCue®, a point-of-care system that provides a quantitative determination of white blood cells with a five part differential count including neutrophils, lymfocytes, monocytes, eosinphils and basophils. The advanced...
Group: Medicinal liqueurs
HemoCue® WBC System
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The HemoCue®WBC system is the first generation of HemoCue®cell counters. The system provides quantitative results, at the point-of care, of a patient's white blood cell count in about 3 minutes. This will assist the physician in evaluating a patient's condition, while the patient is still in...
Group: Medicinal liqueurs
HemoCue® WBC/WBC DIFF System
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Lab accurate results in about 3 minutes (HemoCue WBC®) and in about 5 minutes (HemoCue WBC® DIFF)White blood cell count in the range of 0.3-30.0 x 109/LSimple operationNo calibration or instrument adjustment neededConvenient cuvette technologyPortable - AC adapter or battery
Group: Medicinal liqueurs


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